My Values

Full Transparency

I behave in a way that makes it so that I have nothing to hide. I can share anything that I’m doing at any time, and I take responsibility for my mistakes.

Authentic Productivity

I build Limitless around what I authentically have to give. While I challenge myself to share, I don’t force myself to create.

Gift Economy

I give freely of my skills, attention, and energy, without expecting anything in return. I give what is authentically mine to give.

Hard Work

When I give freely of my live giving skills, I do so to the best of my ability. I value work done well, and create to last when I can.

Clear Communication

When speaking with others, I express my authentic thoughts and feelings. When listening, I do so with openness and in order to understand.

Regenerative Impact

Over the course of my lives, I make conscious choices to put more back into the earth than I destroy.


When I experience pain, I do my best to face it. I pay attention to what my pain is trying to teach me. I do the important work of healing myself, my relationships, and our earth.

Conscious Consumerism

I prefer to buy from companies whose production processes demonstrate respect for life, work toward environmental renewal, and create quality products, built to last.

I Do My Best

I am human, and I can’t always live up to these values. I accept where we I am, use these values as a guiding light for my actions, and grow toward them as best as I can.

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